New Scotland Business District

Our New Scotland

We ... an eclectic group of entirely local (Town of New Scotland) businesses ...

well, and maybe a few of the friendliest neighbors, have embarked on bridging the gap between business and residents. What began as like minds and local promotion has already reaped rewards. "I didn't even know you were there." or "Who are you?", adages heard around the local coffee cup, are being resolved one business at a time.

This is just the beginning of what we plan to be an evolving adventure: Welcome each of you to a small part of "Our New Scotland!"

Whether you are a resident, a parent, a friend, or a friend of, odds are you know a business owner here in town. We all support our local businesses. How can we explore and expose our local favorites more, and more?

If you are a business owner in town please reach out to us to get involved and attend a future meeting as well.

Our next members meeting is Monday June 19th, 2023

Our Mission

Our New Scotland strives to support, promote, and grow business in and around the Town of New Scotland.

The Vision

Achieved through reciprocal sharing of information, ideas, marketing, connections, and community involvement among like-minded business owners, we are weaving together residents, businesses, and local authorities, strengthening New Scotland for businesses and residents alike.

It's happening here ... Stay tuned!

local. EXPOSURE. yes.

We are already 23+ local businesses with a goal to include more then 140 in and around Our New Scotland (59 of our businesses are located in the Village of Voorheesville)

Why? Well, for starters;

  • Website business listing
  • Joint marketing promos
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Monthly meetings at Members' businesses
  • Promote your business
  • Hear/Learn from guest speakers
  • Contribute ideas
  • Marketing Mailer Opportunity
  • Networking
  • Promotional coupon
  • Events
  • Business directory
  • Sponsorship Opps
  • Local events and Annual Community Day

How? Join us today!

Our new membership packages are now available for 2023!

Northern Barrell

(photo) One of our monthly meetings at a different local business on the third Monday each month. This one was held at Northern Barrell.